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Choose licensed Aztec Excavation and Septic for all of your grading and excavation needs in Riverside and San Diego counties. We will get the job done right, the first time, and stand behind the quality of our work. In business since 2004, we have over a decade of experience providing the following services:

All of the above services are affordably priced, and custom-designed to support your renovation or new construction needs. Call today to schedule a free, on-site assessment, or keep reading to learn more about our excavation and grading services for Southern California.

Over Excavation for House Pads / Footings

Call today for footing and house pad over-excavation services in Riverside and San Diego County. Over-excavation and grading is critical to residential construction to ensure that the home doesn't crack or sink due to delayed settling. To prepare your lot, our experts work with the architect or on-site contractor to determine the house's layout. Then, we begin over-excavation by digging out five feet beyond the perimeter. Using a backhoe, we then dig to a depth of two or three feet, removing the dirt as we go. We then layer the soil back in under the supervision of the soil engineer. The soil engineer checks the compaction number throughout the site, until the soil reaches a uniform level of compaction (typically 90-percent compaction or greater).

Road Grading

If you want to create a dirt road for your residential property in Riverside or San Diego, Aztec Excavation and Septic can sculpt it for you. We'll use a backhoe to dig out a road where you want it, and backfill it to create a graded path. This service is often used by homeowners who want a simple road to their barn, a guest house, or other part of their property.

Regrading for Dirt/Gravel Roads

Aztec Excavation and Septic is available 24/7 to regrade your gravel or dirt roads that have become rutted due to water/rain erosion and/or heavy use. This service is very affordable and helps to smooth and tidy up your roads to make traveling between your barn, stable, garage, or other parts of your property easier on you and your vehicles. Call today to learn more.

Hillside Terracing & Retaining Walls

In addition to road grading, Aztec Excavation and Septic also provides grading for terraces and retaining walls. We will dig up the location where you want your wall or terrace, and use the backfill to make it level or sloped. We can also use boulders or other materials to build the retaining wall itself.

Need additional excavation or grading work in San Diego or Riverside? Give us a call at (951) 698-6136. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, personalized service, and responsiveness. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to tackle your residential excavation project.

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