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Septic Tank System Installation
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Aztec Excavation and Septic provides professional septic system installation services in Riverside and San Diego. In business for over ten years, we have installed hundreds of septic systems, and built a reputation for expert workmanship, superior results, and cost-effective rates. We take the time to carefully assess each client's needs and property to determine what size septic tank they need, where it should be located, and how it should be designed and installed.

As a full-service sanitation system contractor, we are skilled at all stages of septic system installation. This includes planning, securing permits, excavation, tank placement, discharge line installation, lid and riser installation, leach line installation, and more. All excavations are laser dug to ensure that each tank hole is perfectly flat at the bottom. We never overexcavate, and we always take into consideration electrical lines, driveways, streams, wells, and more. We usually install concrete tanks for our residential clients, because we believe they provide the best value; however, we can install a fiberglass or plastic septic tank when appropriate. All work is done to code (so risers and lids are always included), and designed to operate properly and function efficiently. As part of our service, we keep the ground open until the county signs off on it. Once the tank is approved, we proceed with covering up the tank and giving tips for getting the most out of your new septic tank system.

Call licensed Aztec Excavation and Septic today for septic tank installation in San Diego or Riverside. We also excel in repairing and upgrading existing septic systems, and can safely replace and abandon old or damaged septic tanks. We are available 24/7 to provide free consultations and estimates. For those who already have a bid for septic tank installation, we can usually provide an estimate over the phone. Otherwise, it is recommended that a site visit be scheduled, so we can assess the property and help choose the best septic system for their needs, budget, property layout, soil, and long-term goals.

Things to Consider When Installing a New or Replacement Septic System

Select the right septic system for your needs

Choosing the right septic system depends largely on your property type, soil, future land use plans, and budget. For example, we generally recommend concrete septic tanks however, concrete tanks are very heavy and require the site to accommodate access points large enough for a ten-wheeler. In cases where that is not an option, we suggest plastic or fiberglass septic tanks which are lighter, allowing for easier job access. Alternatively, if the intended site features a rock foundation or clay soil, or is set on a hill, we suggest advanced treatment unit (ATU) installation. To learn more about which septic system would best benefit your property, give us a call.

Considerations for leach line installation

The second most important consideration when installing a new septic system is the leach system. Typically, when creating an underground leach line system, we dig a trench and place a one-foot layer of rock, followed by a perforated pipe. Another widely used system in lieu of rock and pipe would be an infiltrator system. This is a ribbed, plastic chamber than when put in the trench creates a tunnel for the effluent. A soils engineer might also recommend seepage pits in some soil conditions. Seepage pits are 5 or 6 feet in diameter and generally 20 to 30 feet deep. A seepage pit leach field is a vertical system and has a smaller foot print the leach lines. Unlike leach lines, seepage pits can be installed under driveways. Learn more about the many leach field options available to you by calling us today; estimates are free.

Benefits to installing a septic tank riser and lid

While all new septic systems are required to be installed with a riser and lid, it is generally a good idea to also install them for existing septic tanks. That's because they make it easier for you to locate, inspect, pump, and service your pump. If you are interested in septic tank riser and lid installation, call today.

Choosing a contractor

Because every site is different, it's important to hire an experienced and reputable contractor, such as Aztec Excavation and Septic, who will select the right septic tank system and install it according to the industry's best practices. Additionally, we'll use only the highest quality materials and conform strictly to all applicable municipal building and environmental codes. Call us today and we'll help you choose from the many options in tight line piping, septic tanks, D-boxes, leach lines, submersible pumps, seepage pits, effluent lines, inlet pipes, risers, and lids, so you get a quality system at a great price.

Tips for Maximizing the Life of Your Septic System

  • Refrain from using bleach and antibacterial soaps as they can damage the vital microbes required for breaking down solid waste.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals as they can damage the leach field or seepage pit.
  • Know where your tank is located so you can avoid accidental damage.
  • Check to make sure any vent pipes are clear of debris, bird nests, and other blockages.
  • Refrain from placing anything heavy on top of the leach field, such as cars or sheds, that can compact the soil or crush the piping underneath.
  • Refrain from planting trees or bushes on top of the leach field because roots from such plants can cause intrusion damage.
  • When an old, damaged, or abandoned septic tank needs to be removed, hire a contractor with a C-42 septic and sewer license, such as Aztec Excavation and Septic. If sewage is not properly removed and the septic tank crushed, buried, and documented, then your property could be left vulnerable to future safety risks and/or code violations.
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